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Reindeer Round-up Review


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When I go into the windows phone store looking for a game to download I look for a few things.

  1. Graphics
  2. Game play
  3. Overall Challenge

We will cover them in order as we make our way through this review.

Graphics, the graphics through out the levels are actually very solid and consistent.  My favorite part about the graphics though is the different animations that each reindeer as once you place them on top of the next, but overall the graphics are great and defiantly a strong suit of this game.

Game play, is very smooth and responsive.  Throughout the several levels I went through I never ran into a glitch or hiccup in the game play.  Overall a great job.

Now the most important part, the how challenging the game is.  The game starts off fairly easy and never gets too challenging.  It is a perfect game for a younger age group, and it is still a great game for all ages, but if you are a hardcore gamer looking for a game that will really challenge you, you will make your way through this game repetitively quickly.

Overall this is a great game and I would recommend it to anyone of any age, and I think it deserves a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Click HERE to download Reindeer Round-up.

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