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Prepaid Lumia 521 sold out again at T-Mobile, Walmart and Bestbuy. Supply / Demand imbalance poses biggest challenge for Nokia in US.


There was lots of discussion going on between some of our readers regarding Lumia 521 being back in stock at Walmart, while I was fast asleep 😛. You can check the comments in our last article here. So, Prepaid Lumia 521 appears in stock at Walmart after a long time again and even before we could report it disappears without a trace. Check now and it is out of stock again not only online but also in stores.


You will think that pricing at Walmart ($129) is driving crazy demand, then check at T-Mobile’s official website, which has steepest price for prepaid Lumia 521. It is sold out there for nth time and is out of stock.

What’s happening? We wouldn’t comment about whether supply is 10-20 units or whether demand is 10000-20000 units, but it simply shows the big demand/supply imbalance, which poses biggest challenge for Nokia in case of Lumia 521 in US. If Nokia has to make a massive turnaround in us they need to remove this imbalance asap!!

Saving grace is availability of Lumia 521 at HSN, which now looks like is getting most consistent supplies or may be already stocked a good amount of devices. Whatever is the case you can get a Prepaid Lumia 521 from HSN only. Check the links below for Lumia 521 at all retailers.

Walmart  T-Mobile  Bestbuy   HSN

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