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POV: Reasons, why Nokia Normandy launch may be fine with Microsoft.


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Nokia Normandy, the first Nokia with Android has been in news for quite some time. There has been lots of leaks, rumors and questions about whether it will see light of the day. We were the first ones to bring the news from our sources that it may still get released in face of Nokia-MS deal as it has been put on release path by Nokia. When we look into some of the recent leaks, we rather find many reasons for which Nokia Normandy launch may get support from Microsoft as well.

Microsoft has acquired Asha brand from Nokia and Nokia Normandy may reinvigorate Asha range. One of the main reasons of keeping Asha range growing for Nokia was to stop new smartphone owners switching from Nokia feature phone to other platforms. Same holds true for Microsoft as well. Windows Phone has not been able to go as low as Asha range in terms of pricing. But there are many droids in that price range.

So, Microsoft may also like to continue with Asha range for the same reason and what better than powerful device like Nokia Normandy. The Android KitKat running device will bring higher resolution display, lots of apps, true multitasking, 4-inch display many firsts to the Asha range. Read more about its probable specs, features etc on our Nokia Normandy page.

One more reason which has become clear from recent leaks is most striking. Nokia has cleverly introduced “Metro-UI” of Windows Phone to Nokia Normandy as the above and below image shows.

It now seems like Nokia and may be Microsoft have planned to introduce future Asha owners to Windows Phone UI, since the time they own their very first smartphone. This will obviously increase the chances of such Asha owners adopting Windows Phone rather than any other platform in future.

There are other things like apps & games availability :- You can see major apps like Vine, Viber, BBM, Skype in the above screenshot, which may make Asha a compelling option for first-times over less appealing Android options.

In a nutshell, Nokia Normandy not only makes the Asha platform gain more traction and upper hand over cheap Androids but also introduces Windows Phone UI to first time smartphone buyers. That is why, it may be desirable for Microsoft as well!!

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