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Official: Windows 10 on ARM brings X86 Win32 apps to Snapdragon processors. Video


We talked about its possibility earlier and now Microsoft has announced Windows 10 on ARM chipsets. Microsoft has entered into a partnership with Qualcomm enabling the dream scenario of X86 Win32 apps on Snapdragon 835 and newer processors.

Finally, to deliver on our customers’ growing needs to create on the go, we announced today that Windows 10 is coming to ARM through our partnership with Qualcomm. For the first time ever, our customers will be able to experience the Windows they know with all the apps, peripherals, and enterprise capabilities they require, on a truly mobile, power efficient, always-connected cellular PC.

Hardware partners will be able to build a range of new Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PCs that run x86 Win32 and universal Windows apps, including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and popular Windows games.

With Windows 10 on cellular PCs, we will help everyone make the most of the air around them. We look forward to seeing these new devices with integrated cellular connectivity and the great experiences people love like touch, pen and Windows Hello, in market as early as next year.

We exclusively reported about Surface Phone prototypes being able to install and run X86 apps via Continuum. And here we are, where it all looks officially possible now. Not only Surface Phone tips that we received from our sources look more trustworthy now, but seems Microsoft can make a mind-blowing Windows 10 Phone too.

Video of Windows 10 on Snapdragon:



  1. Its a totally stupid waste of hardware resources. It’s like hyper-v on arm. It will dry out batteries, have an imense number of bugs, heat devices. But Satya Idiotella thinks it’s cheaper to do that instead of writing a proper mobile platform and SDK, and he is probably right, he does forget though that it will run like crap.

      • They know that this is very much a niche group of people who will even opt to go this route as a solution to what they’re currently using and this solution is unique enough that those users won’t have much else to compare it with, I guess Satya and MS are relying on that, initially anyway.

  2. If the 820 can do it the question is can the 810 of the L950xl do it? Is it that every time a new feature comes one has to replace your device? It is childish that enthusiasts’ move easily from lumia device to device then the idol then the HP elite and now the mirage of the surface… I would have changed phones every two months!. The
    feature should be backwards compatible to allow the remaining Windows Mobile fans to support it.

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