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Official FeedLab available on Windows Phone Store


feedlabClevLab has launched the official FeedLab app, the new Feedly client for Windows Phone 8.1. Now you can browse all the articles of your favorite websites in a beautifully designed app.

This app will become your indispensable companion to read all your RSS feeds, directly on your Windows Phone.

FeedLab Features:

• Add the RSS feeds of your favorite websites, blogs, magazines and journals
• Group your feeds in categories
• Order and customize your categories as you wish
• Customize the display of articles as you wish (only the title, with small or large images, or even large tiles)
• Find the summary of each article, with the ability to continue the reading to the desired website
• Discover optimized gestures to simplify your daily use
• Live tiles: pin your favorite categories on the home screen of your phone
• Via the speech feature, listen your articles
• Launch a new search on FeedLab directly from Cortana

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