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Nokia’s HERE Maps powers 10 million new cars sold in 2013!


It is really a big number!! That HERE Maps is the no. 1 choice of Automobile manufacturers for powering their car’s in-dash navigation, is a known fact. But, Nokia has for the first time converted that preference to a number and that number looks really impressive.

So, as per the data provided by Nokia, 10 million cars sold in 2013 have HERE Maps on their dashboard.

Today we’re happy to announce that our maps are powering the in-dash navigation of more than 10 million new cars sold in 2013.And that’s a pretty big deal, if we lined up all those cars, we could cover the circumference of the earth.

In the article, Nokia also emphasizes how the connected car concept and embedded navigation system will change the way in-dash navigation is perceived today,

Imagine navigating to your destination, talking to your loved ones, and choosing just the right song for your drive all while never taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel. We know this future is closer than people think. But the only way to achieve it is with highly precise in-dash controls and embedded mapping systems. We take the routes, playlists and points of interest that you’ve created on your smartphone or desktop and bring them to your car so that you can arrive at your destination more easily (and in a more enjoyable fashion) than ever before.

So, here is to millions more cars in coming years. Congrats HERE and Nokia!!


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