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Nokia’s HERE is positioned for next level of growth, says Counterpoint research



HERE-Customers1-e1410882934247Nokia’s sharp focus on its Location business, which we know as “HERE“, is as per its strategy to use HERE as its growth engine. Because of its huge potential, HERE is now getting some attention from analysts. Last we reported about Strategy Analytic’s take on HERE’s prospects.

Now, Counterpoint research’s analyst Neil Shah has come up with a very detailed article about HERE’s future strategy targeting various sectors. The article also deals with recent acquisitions, presents a good competitor environment analysis, discusses in detail HERE’s strategy for different sectors and what future holds for HERE. Some salient points,

  • HERE is pioneering the smart location and mapping platform: The HERE platform is evolving into a broader and intelligent location platform to expand HERE opportunities across different verticals beyond automotive and devices OEMs into consumer and enterprise. The recent acquisition of Desti and Medio, adds additional capabilities such as search/discovery and smartanalytics on top of the HERE’s robust core mapping and navigation platform to offer a more robust end-to-end location platform to grow
  • Not many competitors: There are a very few companies who have decent mapping assets with just couple of companies truly leading this space, namely HERE and Google. Apple with the help of struggling TomTom is trying to build its own-branded mapping solution but again Apple is not in the business of licensing and the mapping effort remains a pure vertical play not directly competing with HERE or Google.
  • Great Clientele: HERE may already have a reach to 600 million monthly active users thanks to its big name customers base from Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, Mozilla, Tizen, Garmin to Samsung
  • Counterpoint believe that: HERE has a potential to become a highly contextual and intelligent search engine for consumers in coming years

Counterpoint research seems quite Bullish on HERE’s future prospects,

HERE is positioned right on the inflection point to be catapult to the next level of growth with its industry leading smart location platform. We believe HERE has a highly aligned strategy, offering and a unique position from business model perspective to go for the kill and tap into tremendous opportunities out there. We believe momentum is with HERE as competition is fading away and the next biggest competitors having completely different business models proving advantageous for HERE.


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