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Nokia X receives first custom ROM in ‘Lewa’. Step by step flashing guide.


LewaSome interesting stuff for power users here. Lewa has released first ever custom ROM for Nokia X and Techrum has successfully flashed the ROM and has also posted a step by step guide. Lewa is a company from China which has custom ROMs for Android devices which claim to make them smoother and with even more customizations. In case of Nokia X, it seems like bringing new icons and backgrounds along with other changes. As always do it at your own risk, and check the tutorial below for help,



  • Made on Windows 7, Windows 7 does not guarantee will run well
  • Use the machine’s memory card to copy data onto the memory card
  • All risk in the implementation process, TechRum will not be liable. In the case of risks you can review how to Flash the ROM root here.
  • All data on the machine will take off, remember to backup your important data.


  1. Nokia Driver: after downloading and unpacking, a to rename the folder back into English to avoid problems when installing.
  2. ADB’S Configuration File
  3. Tools for the recovery for Nokia X


  1. In Nokia Driver, installed in turn:
    • The NOKIA 3806 USB DRIVER Ver1.5.exe
    • Nokia_Mobile_Phone_Driver_V2.00.10.msi
    • NOKIA_USB_Driver_v4.8.6.msi
  2. Copy the file adb_usb.ini into the \.android\ < user name > C:\Users\ (for example your username is Unleashed, then copy to C:\Users\Tung\.android\).
  3. Turn on the option to developers in the Settings of your

Make the Flash ROM

  1. Copy a ROM LeWa_NOKIA_X_JB_ROM_XXXXX.zip on the root of the memory card on your computer.
  2. Open the NokiaX folder for the recovery have downloaded above, double click on recovery.bat
  3. Your device will boot into recovery mode, if it is not on please try again few times
  4. First you need to remove data, select Wipe
  5. Paws to right to Wipe
    1. Once the Wipe is complete, select Back

  6. Click the Back arrow to return to previous page
  7. Proceed to install the ROM, select Install
  8. Select the ZIP file was copied to a memory card in step 1 above
  9. Paws to right to make Flash

  1. After the flash is complete click on the Home

  2. Redo steps 4 to Wipe again

  1. Select Reboot

  1. Select System
  2. The device will restart can take a while and you have succeeded!

Thanks Tung Ha for the tip. Cheers!!


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