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Nokia “Wasp” TA-1184 passes certification in Canada now


We last reported about Nokia “Wasp” passing FCC certification as variants TA-1184/TA-1188/TA-1183. The smartphone now has passed certification in Canada too thereby confirming that is is destined to arrive in the US and Canada.

In Canada the variant TA-1184 has passed certification as can be seen in the screenshot below.

The “Wasp” code-name is not surprising, as recently HMD has used Marvel superhero names as code-names for new smartphones. The FCC certification also reveals that it will come with 3GB RAM +  32GB internal storage configuration.

The Antenna diagram reveal the size specs of the Nokia Wasp and it will have 145.96 x 70.56 as height and width. All this leads us to the conclusion that we are perhaps looking at Nokia 2.2, the Nokia 2.1 successor. HMD may have planned to release it with a better memory configuration.

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