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Nokia may commercialize Graphene based “optical sensors” soon


Nokia has been spearheading the research on wonder-material, Graphene. One of the most interesting use of Graphene is in creating high-performance (Graphene is 1000 times more sensitive to light than sensors used now) yet very slim photo-sensors, that can be used in imaging. We have in past reported Nokia owning patent on making a “Camera sensor” using Graphene.

Now, a job opening confirms that Nokia has moved to prototyping phase of “Graphene based sensors”. It is not only planning to prototype “optical sensor products” and “complex optoelectronic systems” and even talks about pilot and mass-production.

An expert in optoelectronics, you will be responsible for developing graphene devices to create the basis for a range of optical sensor products. To do this you will design, model and characterize complex optoelectronic systems as well as work with the processing team to fabricate the devices and to ensure that they are capable of volume production.

Since you will be involved in the scale-up of lab-based demonstrations to pilot production, you will be expected to create and execute test programmes both independently and also in collaboration with colleagues and external partners. Careful documentation and report writing will be essential.

Whether Nokia will be planning to license and manufacture or will enter into mass-production of these sensors, is yet to be known, but it will certainly be exciting, if Nokia brings break-though imaging enhancements to the market.


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