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Nokia is India’s most trusted mobile phone brand for 2017. Ranked 14th among 1000 most trusted brands


India, once was known as “Nokia country” among the Tech Media circles and Mobile Phone vendors. Nokia had amazing 70-80% market share in India and enjoyed unshakable faith in its brand among majority Indian phone buyers.

Features phones sale declined with introduction of smartphones and Nokia sold its Phones business to Microsoft. But Nokia brand has still the kind of resonance in India, many new phone vendors would die for.

Based on a study by TRA Research, Nokia has has emerged as India’s most trusted brand for 2017 in the mobile phones category. What is even more interesting is that it ranks 14 among the 1000 most trusted brands in India. As per Sachin Bhosle, Research Head, TRA Research:

“Consumers’ trust is reflected by the relationship they share with the products they use. Here, Nokia has seen to fortify it’s connect with consumers. It is admirable that Nokia has been ranked as one of India’s Most Trusted Brands for 2017,” said Sachin Bhosle, Research Head, TRA Research

The report could haven’t arrived at a better time. HMD is soon going to launch Nokia 3310 (2017) and Nokia Android Phones in India. And this report certainly provides HMD with reasons to treat India as one of the most favored destination for new Nokia Phones.

Source: ET

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