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#Nokia #Asha 500 press photo leaked. Has #Whatsapp on board.


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Evleaks has just posted image of upcoming Asha 500 on Twiter. The device looks similar in size to Asha 501, but visible difference is in the double shot design which has polycarbonate and glass in case of Asha 500. The camera still seems without flash indicating similar camera as on Asha 501.Another good news that we can see in the above image is the presence of “Whatsapp” which is really eagerly awaited by Asha 501 users. So, seems it is coming with the launch of Asha 500.

We have already reported probable Asha 501 successor passing through FCC. But this device has larger size as compared to Asha 501. So will Asha 500 have larger display than Asha 501, or as expected Asha 502 / 503 is also expected to come with 5 MP camera and double-shot design.


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