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Nokia 9 PureView vs iPhone XS vs Light L16 camera comparison shows Nokia 9 Camera’s capability


Nokia 9 PureView camera has received lots of praise from many camera enthusiasts for its imaging quality. It has also received some negative press mostly from those who haven’t even bothered to compare it to other smartphone cameras going at crop level. Sadly, we haven’t been able to really review the camera because HMD won’t bring Nokia 9 to India.

Anyways, here is one comparison which is really good and is similar in the methodology that we adopt for reviewing the camera smartphones. The reviewer has compared the Nokia 9 PureView alongside iPhone XS and Light L16 camera. For comparing the details captured by each of them reviewer has also posted the crops side-by-side. And, they have also provided original images from all three cameras.

The comparison clearly shows Nokia 9 capturing most amount of details and keeping colors natural. In the sets below, from left to right the order is: iPhone XS, L16, Nokia 9.

You can read the original comparison posted by Qz.com here.

Thanks Ren & Patrick for the tip. Cheers!!

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