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Updated: Nokia 9 PureView won’t get “Night Mode” with Android 10, confirm our sources


Update: It seems that the “Nokia Support” may have erred again (we have examples in the past too) in its communication leading to the claim that Night Mode will come to Nokia 9 with Android 10.

What we hear from our trusted sources that there is no Night Mode coming to Nokia 9 PureView with Android 10. Also, it seems that with “Light technology” inside it may be difficult for HMD to tweak Nokia 9 camera significantly without help from Light and Qualcomm and it hasn’t happened so far clearly.


Nokia 9 PureView will get the much-desired “Night Mode” with the Android 10 update, Nokia support has confirmed to an user. If you will see the chat screenshot embedded in the tweet below the Nokia support executive does mention that the “Night Mode” feature will be included in Android 10 update.

Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 are the first smartphones to feature Night Mode and you can see what difference does it make on Nokia 7.2 in our camera review. Extreme low-light camera performance is said to be achille’s heel of Nokia 9 PureView camera that beats competition easily in sheer imaging quality.

Nokia 9 PureView is expected to be the next Nokia smartphone to get the Android 10 update. Recently we caught Nokia 9 PureView with Android 10 on the Geekbench again hinting at a sooner release of the update.

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