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Nokia 8.1 official Android 10 changes demo & hands-on impressions


The official Android 10 update build for Nokia 8.1 is now available. The time now for our hands-on video of Nokia 8.1 running the official update.

In this video, we have demoed the major changes and features that Android 10 brings over Android Pie and the Android Q Beta 5. We have also shared our impressions of the update.

All the changes and new features:

The Android 10 official update brings a new option to adjust the sensitivity in the Gesture-based navigation option that does away with even the back and home buttons. Check the video for more.

The search widget is once again pinned to the bottom just like on Android Pie. It seems to be a pre-condition by Google for Android One vendors. On Beta 5 the search bar was not pinned to the bottom.

In other major changes, Digital Wellbeing is enhanced with new “Focus Mode” and “Family link” features. Finally, the system-wide dark mode is here and if you enable it even apps adopt the dark theme if the developer has enabled it on their apps. Audio volume control has become easier to access with a new overlay for most important audio settings.

There is a smart reply in notifications and also new options to control the priority of notifications.

Click here to read the official list of changes and new features that Android Q update brings.


On Nokia 8.1 the Android official update runs smoothly and performance is improved over the Android Q Beta 5. We didn’t face any issues so far and deal-breaking bugs like display freezing as seen on Beta 5 are gone. Double-tap to wake-up again works fine on the official update.

Battery life has been similar to what we have been getting with Pie. In case you find other issues/bugs please share in the comments below.

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