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Nokia 6 design gets a thumbs-up from fans with 75% Yay votes. Read interesting “Other” comments


Nokia 6 Design Poll Results:

Nokia 6 design gets big thumbs-up from fans. 75% of respondents have voted Yay, lauding the design. That Aluminum unibody does look great in shots and will look even more premium in person, while holding in hand. Don’t forget to check some interesting comments in the “Other” category below.

Some comments in “Other category”:

Its not coming down under yet
Not colorful/unique enough
Ya for design .but looks low end and should compete with redmi3s+.Nay for the pr
so so
Why not
it’s just ok
ok ok
Is it just me? It looks more like the Lumia 650
Ok Ok
not fully satisfied.
Uninspiring Comeback
could have been better
good enough, but given the dire situation, it´s not enough.
nothing special
design is good BUT only the bottom button (like samsung galaxy) is bad looking…with those 2 touch navigation keys that is okay…but the hardware button is too bad look wise.Here nokia must innovate its own hardware button design and must not copy from samsung galaxy.
it looks great but its like samsung and iphone mix up . expected alot
could be better
i prefer onscreen keys, plastic build and waterproofing and low cost.
Need virtualal navigation button
Micro USB? Really? I’ll wait for the flagship
can i have it with Windows 10
its like moto 4g not old Nokia
looks just like an android phone,thats it!
It’s not that unusual… it’s competent.
Yay!: good desing, NAY!: Android… YUK!
nice, Nokia style with a twist of iPhone and the boredness of Android

The first-ever Nokia android Phone from HMD, Nokia 6 is out now and it is exclusive to China for the time being. Read our Nokia 6 coverage here. Also read Full Nokia 6 specs by clicking here.

While HMD didn’t respond to our queries of whether Nokia 6 will make its way to other markets, we have certain info that claims it will. Anyways, here are some hands-on images of Nokia 6 posted in China. The design for Nokia 6 looks premium for a mid-ranger. We want to know your take on the design. So take the poll too.

Nokia 6 Hands-on Images Gallery:

Nokia 6 Design Yay or Nay Poll:

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