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Nokia 6 2017 vs Nokia 6 2018 comparison: Size, Design & Build quality


We just posted our unboxing and first impressions video of Nokia 6 2018 and here in this second video we are comparing Nokia 6 2017 to Nokia 6 2018 in terms of size, design and build quality.

Build Quality:

Nokia 6 2017 earned the tagline “built like a tank” because of its great build quality and robustness. Nokia 6 2018 while comes with the same great “Nokia” buid quality it also takes the robustness game one notch up. Yup, it does feel more robust in your hand than the Nokia 6 2017 and it is no “blasphemy”. Nokia 6 2018 is a worthy successor.


Size wise Nokia 6 2018 is more compact especially lengthwise as compared to Nokia 6 2017. It will help in using the device more easily for those with smaller hands.


Coming to design while Nokia 6 20118 carries the same design language as of its predecessor it does have some noticeable changes like less bezels, color accentuattion of phones, camera module and fingerprint sensor edges. These are the design changes in a nutshell.

  • Reduced bezels
  • 16:9 display
  • No hardware touch buttons
  • Side profile remains as robust as Nokia 6 2017
  • Red accents at the edges of camera and the sides
  • Camera module lifted from Nokia 5. Sensor size is different from Nokia 5 at 16MP
  • Fingerprint sensor moves to the back

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