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Nokia 6.1 Plus sale is ephemeral, goes out of stock in less than three minutes


As promised by HMD, the new Nokia 6.1 plus with a notch were made available for the consumer to buy via India’s leading e-commerce website Flipkart. The sales started exactly when it was supposed to start – today at 12 PM IST.

India Today first reported that the Nokia 6.1 plus sale was ephemeral, all units sold in less than three minutes. If we do the maths it stands somewhere around 150 devices in every second which is insane. India Today also reports that around 27,000 units were sold in that short time.

Just for the record, here in India for the first time ever an HMD branded Nokia phones went out stock that too within this short period of time. Nevertheless, it wasn’t surprising given that the homogeneous popularity Nokia has in the country.

if you did pre-order the notchy beauty on the Nokia ‘s official site all you need to do is wait for two to three days more as the product starts to ship today. You can check our full review of the Nokia 6.1 plus here. In case you are still not sure whether you should go for the new Nokia 6.1 plus or not you should also check out some FAQs regarding the device.


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