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Nokia 3.1 available to buy in the UK. Best price offer


In a very low-key manner and without any official communication, Nokia 3.1 has become available in one of the important markets, the UK. It is in stock can be now ordered from retailers Amazon, Argos and Network operator GiffGaff.

The pricing for Nokia 3.1 is again slightly different across these three with GiffGaff offering it for just £129 and on purchase of a minimum of £10 goodybag in case you don’t have an active GiffGaff SIM.

GiffGaff link

Argos is selling it for the SIM-Free price of £149.95, while Amazon is charging £159.95 for one.

Amazon link

Argos link

Nokia 3.1 has either become available or has a release date in many markets so far including India, USA, Germany, France and others. Read our full Nokia 3.1 coverage here.

Nokia 3.1 details:

Nokia 3.1 comes with a 5.2-inch, 18:9 display and a more powerful processor and more premium design than the original Nokia 3. You can read Nokia 3.1 complete detailed specs, price, features and check out images, and video by clicking here.

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