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Nokia 2 Performance test: Browsing, Multitasking, Gaming, Google Assistant & more


We have tested the real-life performance of the Nokia 2 in this performance testing video. Nokia 2, being the ultimate budget Nokia smartphone, we have conducted this test in normal daily usage to moderately heavy usage scenario. This means one may be browsing with lots of tabs, playing heavy games and multitasking with many tabs, games, and apps open in the background.

Nokia 2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor and mates it with just 1 GB RAM. It comes running Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. So, how does Nokia 2 actually perform under normal daily usage condition and under heavy load? You can decide for yourself by checking the video.

Many of you asked whether Nokia 2 has Google Assistant support and we have demoed that too in the video.


With 3 popular games, Subway surfer, Clash of Clans & Dr. Driving, 5 browser tabs, YouTube video streaming and many other apps open in the background it handled everything without any apps/games crashing or exiting. As you will notice in the video, apps/games resume fine from background during multitasking. Though it is not hard to notice that Nokia 3 is better than Nokia 2 in terms of multitasking.


Gaming remains enjoyable on Nokia 2 and we have tried to demo the game-play with games like Subway surfer, Clash of Clans & Dr. Driving. You would love the volume output and the performance of the phone remains good.


With many browser tabs open it always seems that Nokia 2 can handle even more. Pages load fine and zooming, panning, tab changing all are satisfactory.

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