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Nokia 2 is available to buy at Bestbuy and B&H in the US


BestBuy and B&H along with Amazon US listed Nokia 2 smartphone for the price of $99 in the US. The good news is that Nokia 2 is now available to buy at retailers BestBuy and B&H.

Retailer B&H promises a delivery by November 28. Bestbuy is also offering store pickup along with online buying option. You can buy Nokia 2 by online by clicking on the links below.

Nokia 2 link BestBuy

Nokia 2 link B&H

Check full detailed Nokia 2 specs on our dedicated page. You can read our hands-on with all colors on Nokia 2 and size-comparison with Nokia 3 here. We have also posted some first camera samples from Nokia 2 rear camera here.

You can read Nokia 2 FAQs, user queries, and our replies to those queries by clicking here. Nokia 2 has already been made available or on pre-order in Russia, South Africa, India, and UAE.

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