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Nokia 1, Nokia 4, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 9, Pro Mode, Telephoto mode references found in Camera APK tear-down


APK tear-downs are used by Android tech blogs to investigate and to find out hints of hidden and upcoming features. While we haven’t tried our hands on APK tear-downs yet, our readers are very smart and few of you have already done a tear-down of Camera APK taken from Nokia 5 running Android Oreo Beta.

Interestingly the Nokia Camera APK tear-down reveals or hints at existence some yet to be announced Nokia Smartphones. Nokia 1, Nokia 4, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 9 references have been found in the tear-down. Check one of the screenshots sent to us by our reader Vishi.

One thing that needs to be noted here is the date of these files. It is noted as 9/8/2016, which is well in the past. So, HMD may have already changed plans to launch some of them. For example Nokia 4. While we see the reference in the APK files there, HMD may haven’t launched it because number 4 is considered unlucky in markets like China.

But then we have near-sure information that Nokia 9 is coming and we just heard the first rumor about Nokia 1. So maybe Nokia 4 can also see the light of the day. Nokia 7 Plus is quite interesting and it needs to be seen whether it becomes a reality or not. So far there has been no leaks/rumors of Nokia 7 Plus.

Coming to some other interesting stuff found in tear-down and as noted by our readers, one can’t miss the mention of Telephoto mode, Pro Mode, Shutter speed control and similar features that Nokia fans are eagerly waiting for HMD to bring to Nokia smartphones.

The telephoto mode is particularly very interesting as it may hint at a high-end Nokia like Nokia 9 featuring a telephoto lens, or it may just be a placeholder. Pro Mode, while is not very clear yet, may be the answer to Nokia fan’s prayer for the Lumia Camera like Pro Mode.

Anyways this gives us enough reasons to do the APK tear-down ourselves and check if there is more to be found. We will now keep you updated if we found anything in such APK tear-downs in future.

If interested you can download the Nokia Camera APK version 8.0210.20 taken from Nokia 5 running the latest Android Beta by clicking here. But it may or may not be compatible with your device.

Thanks Vishi for sending the screenshots. Cheers!!

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