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New leaked Microsoft apps: OneClip, Revolve, Instanote, Dialler for Lync meetings and Certificates


Microsoft appsAs many as four new apps being tested by Microsoft as internal Beta have leaked in last few days and time to have a look at what these apps are all about. There is one more new app known as “Certificates” that can be installed now on your devices.


OneClip is reportedly coming to all major smartphone platforms along with Windows and will allow people to share clipped content across devices. It looks like a worthy competitor to PushBullet.

Internal Beta link


Revolve prepares you for every conversation in every meeting. It works in the background to find and display relevant insights about the people you’re going to meet. Easily sidestep small talk and spark real conversations that matter.

Internal Beta link


This app is now available in Windows Phone store and allows one to manage certificates on Windows Phone.

Manage your personal and enterprise certificates on your Windows Phone.

– Pin certificates app to your home screen
– View summary of all personal certificates
– View all the attributes of a specific certificate
– View the certificates for VPN, Wi-Fi, and email authentication
– Sort certificates based on pre-defined filters
– Verify quickly which certificates have expired and need to be re-issued
– Verify certificates have the right validation in the certificate path installed via an Intermediate/Root Certification Authority
– Verify that S/MIME signing and encryption are properly installed on your device
– Verify that keys have been properly enrolled into the TPM, where required, to be hardware protected

Install link


This app will allow to take voice notes immediately and will save them in OneNote for use in future.

Internal Beta link

Dialer for Lync meetings:

It allows one to join a Lync meeting using cell phone.

The application is intended to provide a way to join a Lync Meeting using cell phone, when the users are away from their Laptops, PCs and Data Connection on the phones – One such example is while driving (drive safe though, with Bluetooth headsets!); or while out at the Park with the Kids!
The application makes use of the cell phone service, and places a call on the Microsoft Conference Bridge Numbers and automatically enters the AuthCode (if applicable) and Conference ID. It reads your calendar to get all your meetings. So, it is required that your phone should be in sync with your calendar. Note that this application can only be used by Microsoft Employees; and the Standard Call charges apply (there should not be any data charges). Currently the application is available for only those countries that support English language.

Internal Beta link

Thanks everyone for the the tips!!

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