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ModernMusic is a new & great music player client for your Windows Phone


ModernmusicSeems devs are putting the Windows Phone 8.1 music API to good use. While native Music app has faced its share of criticism before finally becoming usable on Windows Phone 8.1, a new music client named “ModernMusic” is worth your attention.

It is fast, fluid and feature packed. I am certainly impressed with how it looks and works. There are one or two small bugs here and there but the proactive dev support should fix them soon. Have a look at the feature set below,

-Excellent queue support
–Add songs to end of queue
–Add songs to queue after the currently playing songs
–Drag to reorder queue
–Save queue as playlist

-Full user playlist support
–Import existing .wpl playlist files*
–Create playlists within app

-Last.FM Scrobbling
–Choose number of tracks to cache before scrobbling
-Optional instant live tile with album art
-Swipe to change tracks
-Displays album art from within ID3 tags
-Choose an app accent and background color of your liking
-Recently added albums section on main screen
-Shuffle entire library with single click
-Single button to play a randomly selected album in album order
-Search library for artists, albums and songs
-No queue length limit
-And much more!

The app is free in ad-supported format, but for removing ads you need to make a $1.99 in-app purchase, which to us looks like money well spent.

The dev promises following new features in upcoming updates,

-Select multiple tracks when adding/removing tracks from queue and playlists
-Recently played section on app home screen
-Pin playlists/albums to start screen
-More 1080p screen optimizations

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