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Lumia 521 still the no.1 best-seller at Amazon and HSN. No.3 at Walmart!! Q3 may see Lumia volume surge in US.


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It indeed looks like Nokia may have nailed it with pricing and supplying Lumia 521 in abundance in Q3. Contrary to what we have seen in Q2 in terms of frequent sold outs and out of stocks for long, Lumia 521 has been continuously in stock at all major retailer Amazon, Walmart and HSN.

What is really very impressive is that it has been ruling the charts at all of them. At Amazon, it still is the top-selling No-contract cell phone, which certainly means very good volume uptake and we have seen it on top of charts more often in recent times.


Amazon link

At HSN, where Lumia 521 just sold more than 24000 units in a single day, it is still in stock with the same combo of device+freebies at $119. Guess what, it continues to dominate the charts there as well.  HSN link

Not only these two even at Walmart, which is currently pricing Lumia 521 at $129, slightly more than Amazon at $121 and $119 at HSN, it is the 3rd top-selling phone.

Walmart link

It is easy to see that Nokia has decided to go for a volume surge in Q3, obviously with help of its mass favorite device Lumia 521 in US. If the 24000 devices sold at HSN in one day is some indication, Lumia 520 which has already arrived at AT&T and MetrpPCS at just $99 will be huge sellers.


Also being the top selling device at three major retailers means something. We are hoping Lumia shipments in US to cross 1 million mark during Q3. Is it ambitious?

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