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Lumia 1330 / 1335 is first Lumia with Dual-Sim + LTE support, reveals FCC certification for RM-1064 / RM-1065


Lumia 1330 back 1Two more Lumia 1330 / Lumia 1335 (May not be the final name) variants have passed certification at FCC and things are getting more interesting. Last we saw RM-1062 passing certification and it was revealed to be the first Lumia with LTE-Advanced.

Now the variants RM-1064 and RM-1065 that have passed certification today are very interesting too. RM-1065 is revealed to be a Dual-Sim variant and on top of that supports LTE too. That makes it the first Lumia to do so!! As per the certification,

RM-1065: 2
RM-1064: 1
The only difference between RM-1064 and RM-1065 is in the number of SIM cards the devices have.
The associated mechanical differences between the products have no impact on the radiated performance and, as a result, it is valid to use test results of RM-1065 as a true representation of the
SAR performance of RM-1064.

The second interesting revelation about these two variants are the number of LTE bands they support. Check the number of bands for US & Canada in the screenshot below,

Outside of US and Canada they support many more LTE bands,

These bands are not part of this filing:
LTE850 (Band 20)
LTE900 (Band 8)
LTE1800 (Band 3)
LTE2100 (Band 1)
LTE2300 (Band 40)
LTE2600 (Band 38)

So, in a nutshell these two devices support LTE Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 20, 28 40, 38 and may be targeted globally.

We exclusively reported via our sources that Lumia 1330 (RM-1062) will pack a 14 MP rear camera and a 5 MP FFC. And, we presented some evidence in form of a screenshot from GFXBench listing of RM-1062.

Two images reportedly of Lumia 1330 / Lumia 1335 back cover have been leaked recently. Same leakster had leaked more images of the Lumia 1330 back.

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