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Latest Nokia N1 update brings dynamic date icon, new Z Launcher version & more


Nokia N1 updateNokia N1 keeps on receiving updates it seems!! While the last update brought Android 5.0.2 along with other improvements, the latest one brings native “Date” icon that dynamically shows calendar date, Headphone status icon, new Z Launcher version 1.1.16 Beta and more. The latest update takes system version to “A5CN30B“.

Nokia N1 A5CN30B update changelog:

1. Update the Z-launcher to 1.1.16-Beta, increase operational stability

2. Update the App Store to v2.62, upgrade interface fluency

3. Improve Double tap to wake-up sensitivity and Touch experience

4. Fixed some third-party issues with the recording process after recording only mono headphones

5. Native Launcher icon to dynamically display the actual calendar date

6. New headphones into the status icon

With these updates, it seems Nokia N1 will be much more feature packed and will offer better user-experience when it comes to new markets.

Nokia N1 can be simply termed as the best 8-inch Tablet out there with its unbeatable price (USD 257), best-in-class Benchmark performance, beautiful design and features, it packs. Read our Nokia N1 vs iPad Mini vs Jolla Tablet vs Nexus 9 comparison to get a good idea about how Nokia N1 compares to  heavyweights iPad Mini and Nexus 9 Tablet in terms of key specs and features. You can also read its camera details and watch sample image by clicking here.

We have all the specs and features listed at our dedicated Nokia N1 product page.


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