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Impressive Nokia 9 PureView vs Huawei P30 Pro camera comparison


It is always interesting to check detailed and honest camera comparisons that involve some of the best smartphone cameras around like Nokia 9 PureView and Huawei P30 Pro. In fact, while P30 Pro got the best camera phone tag easily thanks to the impression created by its predecessors as well as its camera prowess, Nokia 9 PureView has to struggle a lot.

Anyways, here is one very impressive camera comparison that pits Nokia 9 PureView against the Huawei P30 Pro. The reviewer has done in-depth work and has covered many comparison sets involving many lightning and capturing conditions. Only drawback is that it is a video review and full-size images from both cameras are not provided.

Nokia 9 PureView camera impresses in imaging quality and simply outperforms Huawei P30 Pro in daylight and even tricky lighting conditions. It impresses in potrait mode too capturing better images than P30 Pro. As per the reviewer, Nokia 9 PureView captures images with lots of details, accurate white balance and exposure while keeping colors natural.

Though in low-light and especially when lighting becomes really bad, Nokia 9 PureView underperforms as compared to P30 Pro and captures less illuminated images. This again highlights why HMD needs to give a night mode for those who want a more illuminated image in low-lighting conditions.

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