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IDC: Nokia (Windows Phone) had 9.1% market share in Sri Lanka in Q4, 2014


prIN25472415_3_254726In its Q4, 2014 report for Sri Lanka market, IDC has awarded 9.1% market share and 3rd vendor rank to Nokia (Microsoft Mobile).

Nokia: Nokia stands third in smart phone market with close to 9% market share. Higher brand recall owing to their feature phone penetration continues to drive their business in the country. However, the brand might soon find itself competing closely with Indian vendors Micromax and Intex as they gear up to gain higher market share in the country.

Sri Lanka mobile phones market has seen a surge to touch 1million mark in Q4 2014 and 22% of the mobile phones contribution came from Smart Phones that are seeing rapid growth year-on-year at the expense of feature phones.

Sri Lanka mobile device market has observed a surge in sales in CY 2014. Noticeably, the smart phone business has been growing exponentially year-on-year and Q4 2014 was no exception.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the overall mobile phone market in Sri Lanka touched 1 million mark in Q4 2014. Smart phones contributed approximately 22% to the overall mobile phone market as the demand observed a continuous surge in the year. The data however, is exclusive of grey imports that are shipped to the country through illicit channels.

Talking about overall mobile phones market share, Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) is still the top dog with 19.4% market share.

Perhaps the challenge here for Microsoft is to convert as many Nokia feature phones users to its Lumia smartphones line as possible. We have seen it coming with exchange offers in India to achieve that.


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