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How to fix the Purple tint Display issue on Lumia devices


Lumia 530 Before-afterThis is not a very common issue, but still a small percentage of Lumia device owners complain about their displays exhibiting a purple tint. Out of numerous Lumias with which I have played in recent times, I saw such issue on only my Lumia 530 review unit.


Usually software bug, causing wrong calibration of display in terms of Black levels, which makes the Black appear as Grey. Above images shows the difference between a display exhibiting Purple tint and after the correct calibration. Due to wrong Blacks, all the colors appear affected and inaccurate.

How to resolve:

Though ex-Nokia, Microsoft Mobile team usually fixes such bugs with software updates, here is how you can actually help yourself.

Follow the steps,

  • Go to Settings->Brightness and set brightness setting to “Automatic” and “Medium”.
  • Find a dark area and turn the display off and then on by pressing the Power button twice. ( This should calibrate the Blacks )
  • Go to Settings->Display and then click on “Brightness Profile”.
  • Increase the brightness by moving the slider to the right, which will remove the purple tint from the grey bar on the bottom of the UI.

This should help in getting rid of the Purple tint up to a reasonable level.

In case, this didn’t work try a hard reset and it will make the Phone rewrite the software and return to default Factory settings. This actually helped us in solving Purple tint issue on the Lumia 530.

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