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HMD to offer optional Oreo update for Nokia 2 soon, also clarifies the reason behind the delay


HMD recently made its Android Pie update road-map official and the list had one missing smartphone, the Nokia 2. While Nokia 2 users are forced to live with either Android Nougat or Oreo Beta, HMD has now revealed the reason behind the long delay in serving stable Oreo to Nokia 2.

As per tweets posted today by HMD CPO Juho, Nokia 2 because of its 1GB RAM is facing issues in running Oreo with similar fluidity as the Nougat. It seems that after Nokia 2 launch Google moved all new 1GB RAM devices to Android Go. Since Nokia 2 was launched with Android Nougat it is not technically possible to move it to Android Go.

HMD has worked with Google and Qualcomm to enable Oreo on Nokia 2 but Oreo needs more resources than Nougat resulting in some effect on fluidity of OS.

So, HMD is willing to provide two options to Nokia 2 users, either remain on Nougat and enjoy the optimized performance or move to Oreo that will bring new features but may not be as fluid as Nougat. If one wants to still go with Oreo option HMD will provide this option via a web page.

If you want you can see our Nokia 2 running Android Oreo Beta in hands-on action in below videos. Read our Nokia 2 Oreo impression by clicking here.

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