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HMD: Google extremely eager to see Nokia in Android line-up. Promises to exceed Nokia loyal’s expectations


In an interview to Forbes, HMD CEO Arto Nummela has candidly talked about his decision of making Nokia-Android a possibility. He also emphasizes that they are working with Google (?) and that Google is very eager to get Nokia in its Android line-up of vendors.

“The new smartphone will launch in the first half of 2017,” Nummela is proud to tell me. That handset will use Google’s Android as the operating system, and Google is as excited as anyone to welcome Nokia back, especially if it is paired up with the Android name. “Yes, we’re working with Google, and they are extremely eager to see Nokia in the Android line-up.”

It is though not clear what the working with Google means. Is it some type of collaboration for getting the latest and best of Android OS features on upcoming Nokia smartphones??

He also revealed an interesting analysis about customers switching to Nokia X, Nokia’s earlier tryst with Android. As per the analysis, many customers switched from high-end Samsung handsets and Apple iPhones to Nokia X. He also promised to exceed expectations of Nokia loyals.

“When we started our analysis of that device, who bought it, and what their previous device was, we found that many of them came from high-end Samsung handsets and Apple iPhones.” Given the difference in specifications between those high-end devices and the decidedly mid-range power and capability of the Nokia X, I found myself as surprised as HMDs team. “It made no sense for them to move, but they did. That’s why there is an absolute unique chance to present a true Android device,” Nummmela enthuses in his quiet Finnish manner.

“This time I promise we will exceed their expectations.”

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