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hike messenger & Lumia Camera for Windows Phone get updated


hikeTime for some new updates!!!!!

Hike messenger has received a new update for Windows phone Devices. The new version is The latest update brings significant bug fix, with the “Grouper” bug that prevented users from leaving a group now dealt with.

hike messenger Changelog:

Initially we thought someone added us to a random group. We opened hike and did what anyone would normally do… simply leave the group!

It was at this point that things we never imagined starting happening. We somehow weren’t able to leave this group, nor able to type anything! Another strange phenomena was that this group chat never appeared on our main chat screen list!

We immediately cancelled our flights, zoomed back to the office, gathered all our troops in the war room with a single mission to figure out why this is happening!

After an intensive round of interrogation with some of our imprisoned bugs, we came to know about the existence of “The Grouper Bug”.

We sent out our elite special forces, “The Eliminators”, to do what they do best… Eliminate bugs!

We are very happy to inform you that we have officially kicked “The Grouper Bug” out of all group chats so to the few of you experienced this issue, be rest assured it wouldn’t happen again.

Oh and in the process of finding the Grouper Bug, The Eliminators zapped a few more bugs that will help keep things smoother and faster.

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Lumia Camera updated with version for Windows Phone Devices. However, there is not any new changelog but only bug fixes and performance improvements is there.

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