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Updated: (Official) HERE to get Biking routes in future. Solutions to some HERE Android issues & Answers to FAQs



HERE Team contacted us to confirm that Biking routes are certainly coming, albeit not “very soon”.

re: biking routes – we are definitively considering them, but it won’t happen very soon, as we are focusing on walk, drive and transit first

Biking HEREHERE Maps may get Biking routes soon, it seems. In reply to a question, Pino from HERE has provided a strong hint, as can be seen in the above screenshot. Google Maps already have Biking routes, but with HERE Maps, one may be able to use it offline too.

FAQs answered & solutions to some HERE for Android issues:

Eligible devices:

You can use the HERE app on any Samsung smartphone that has access to the Galaxy App Store. Your phone should also have at least 1GB of memory and a display not more than 6 inches.

Read answers to many more FAQs here.

Getting Sig_failed installation error:

Some older versions of the Galaxy App Store app have caused problems during the installation process. Please update the “Galaxy Apps” app in your phone to the latest version, then try to install the HERE app again.

Go to Settings -> Application Manager -> Galaxy Apps -> Uninstall updates. Once done, go back to the Store and it should start updating itself.

Unable to download voices for voice navigation or downloaded navigation files disappear:

If you are using an app that cleans your cache, then it will delete voice navigation because the voice file is currently saved in cache or it may stop download of voice navigation file.

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