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Game Troopers releases Panzer Geekz for Windows Phone



Popular Windows Phone game publisher, Game Troopers releases their new game Panzer Geekz. In the game you have to Ram everything you can, from trees and houses to sheep, french herders, Krautz, pandas, cows, Japs, geishas and everything else in your way to get that flag.

Key features:

  • SEE the beautiful model­ landscapes
  • LISTEN to awesome Tyroler and WW2 march music
  • WIND up your tank
  • RACE downhill and steer freely
  • ROAM the 3D levels as you like
  • TILT or TOUCH to steer and jump
  • HIT objects to get speed and points
  • CHAIN your hits to increase combo scores
  • JUMP over obstacles to avoid a sudden stop
  • AVOID holes, mines, water and other deadly hazards
  • FIND special hidden characters for points bonus
  • REACH the flag and complete the level
  • REPLAY the levels to improve your performance
  • GET JUDGED by the dressed up geekz, watching you from above
  • ACHIEVE high scores and be awarded star­rating
  • UNLOCK new levels from earned stars
  • PLAY 50+ levels without paying if you are a pro
  • PAY to unlock levels, if you are a lazy bum
  • DISCOVER easy and challenging achievements

Panzer Geekz comes with Earn in-game XBOX achievements. The game runs on 512MB RAM ram devices without any crashes. However you can grab this awesome game for free, so go ahead and download the game from the below link:

Download Panzer Geekz for Windows Phone

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