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Fake claim: Nokia 5.3 India landing page was up since March, but yes it is coming soon


Strange are the ways of tech media especially in India. It seems most of them don’t even verify claims before publishing. In fresh example, there are many articles today claiming that Nokia 5.3 landing page has now become available hinting at its sooner launch.

This is a ridiculous claim because this page has been there since March 19, when Nokia 5.3 was launched. Check the screenshot from wayback machine that shows that the page was created on March 19. You can even see five snapshots of this page on wayback machine between March 19 and today.

If you are really interested in buying Nokia 5.3 then you should be able to do so soon, as HMD India is planning to launch it in August. HMD may soon send communication to press informing about the impending launch of the smartphone in India.

Nokia 5.3 packs a rear quad-camera setup and is powered by Snapdragon 665. You can read our complete Nokia 5.3 coverage by clicking here. Check detailed Nokia 5.3 probable specs, features, and other details at our dedicated page.

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