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Facebook scoop: Ability to unsend messages, a new way of filtering notification, and more


There is a lot going this week on Facebook. We managed to take a closer look on some of the new features that are currently is in testing mode and are not available to the public just yet. Among them, the ability to Unsend message is perhaps the feature which was long due. Otherwise, there are also some tweaks here and there.

Unsend Message

Facebook should have made done this way earlier given that its very WhatsApp is having the feature for quite some time now. Nevertheless, it is always late than never. On Facebook Messanger, you will soon be able to Unsend Message for everyone much like what it is on WhatsApp. On Facebook, however, there is a catch; you will be allowed to Unsend messages after a certain amount of times. The company is also testing some redesigned profile which some of you might have already noticed if you are beta testing Facebook app.

There is also an improved UI/UX of the comment mentions which is also on the cards, you might not even notice the changes and that is fine as it is subtle.

There is yet another development going on in the Facebook headquarter. Facebook is now testing filtering notifications by Profile, Keyword, Mentions which is great, giving the users more control while checking for the notifications.


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