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@evleaks teases possible Nokia event for April 19th


After MWC 2014 the Windows Phone followers were left empty handed, but does Nokia have an event coming up on April 19th?  I sure hope so.  I am ready to see those Windows Phone 8.1 leaks and rumors come true.  We could see the following devices if rumor of Nokia’s event is true.

As much as I am looking forward to the possible Windows Phone 8.1 devices and the unveiling of Windows Phone 8.1, but Will Nokia still be Nokia by this point?  The deal between Microsoft and Nokia is supposed to be finished by the end of Q1, so we will see how this affects their event. Also, if you want to check our coverage on the devices we might see at Nokia’s next event, click on the names of the devices that are bullet pointed above.  Stay tuned for more leaks or new on the possible upcoming event and WP8.1.

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