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CounterPoint: Nokia maintains its 6th top handset vendor rank in Q1 2018. Market share details


After Strategy Analytics, another analyst firm CounterPoint Research has shared the market share report for the first quarter of 2018. As per the report, Nokia held 6th rank among the handset (phone + smartphone) vendors  in Q1 2018 maintaining its ranking from Q4 2017.

23.2 million Nokia handsets were shipped in Q1 2018. 4 million smartphones were shipped for a 12 smartphone vendor ranking. 19.2 million feature phone were shipped for the 2nd vendor rank. CounterPoint expects smartphone shipments to rise in Q2 2018.

Category Ranking Shipment
Handset 6 23.2
Smartphone 12 4.0
Feature Phone 2 19.2

Comments on Nokia’s performance:

Nokia HMD has expanded their smartphone portfolio with series of launches, including the Nokia 1, Nokia 6, Nokia 7 Plus, and Nokia 8 Sirocco, during the 2018 MWC Barcelona event. Initial sales channel developed for selling feature phones has provided them a solid foundation for smartphone sales. These devices hit the market during the last month of Q1 2018, hence, they’re likely to make an impact in Q2 2018. Consumers in Nokia HMD’s key markets such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Middle East countries are yet to get an hand-on experience of the newly launched devices. Hence, we can expect their smartphone sales to pick up during the next quarter.

If you will notice there are some differences between the market share reports shares by CounterPoint research and Strategy Analytics. Strategy Analytics has reported 4.1 million Nokia smartphones sales as compared to 4 million by CounterPoint in Q1 2018. As per SA report, HMD was 9th top smartphone vendor in Q1 2018, while CounterPoint has ranked HMD at 12.

The good news is that both analyst firms expect HMD to do better in Q2 2018 on the strength of its new portfolio, which is much more attractive than its 2017 portfolio.

Thanks to CounterPoint team for sharing the Q1 report with us!!

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