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Claimed Nokia 8 / Nokia 9 Design sketches land into our inbox


We reported a new Nokia 9 concept for your viewing pleasure today and now here comes claimed design sketches for Nokia 8 and Nokia 9. Now, before going ahead, we want to tell you in no uncertain terms that these may be genuine or may be creation of some fertile and creative minds. So, take them in the way you like.

Also these look different from a Nokia 8 / Nokia 9 design sketch posted in China earlier.

One of these design sketches looks quite nice with bezel-less design and even there is no finger-print sensor in front. So, is HMD planning to get finger print sensor behind the display on Nokia 9 or is there one at the back below the camera and flash?? One earlier rumor claimed an Iris scanner in testing on Nokia 9 and we can see one extra lens / scanner other than FFC in this design sketch.

Both sketches have Dual-Lens Camera on the back. One with significant bezels has a finger-print sensor in the front like Nokia 5 / Nokia 6. This may be purported Nokia 8 design. Keep in mind these all speculations hold only when these sketches are genuine and it will take time before we can get more info on it.

Nokia 8:

If we take a look at the design sketch of Nokia 8, it has got a big display with nearly no bezels on the sides and narrow bezels on the top-bottom position. As bezels exist on the top and bottom position, the company has embedded a fingerprint scanner into it. The smartphone sketch shows it to have a sharp rectangular form factor. The display is supposed to be of aspect ratio 16:9 which is the standard nowadays except the LG G6 and Samsung’s​ Galaxy S8 and S8+ joining the wagon of 18:9 .

Nokia 9 :

Nokia 9 has got a design borrowed basically from it’s sibling Nokia 8 only. The fingerprint scanner has been​ shifted to the back to make room for even larger display. It is now located below the dual camera module and LED flash. The display in Nokia 9 seems to have adopted the pattern of what a 2017 flagship should be. As per the latest sketch, the Nokia 9 will use an aspect ratio of 18:9  which is also seen in LG G6 and Samsung’s latest flagships. But Samsung has done some more innovation to that, it has equipped the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ with a new and unique 18:5:9 aspect ratio and the company calls it ‘ Infinity Display ‘.  Bezels have become narrower than the Nokia 9 to make it a true​flagship with 18:9 display ratio.

Last two anonymous tips received by us claimed to reveal Nokia 9 specs and pricing and release date. We also reported about Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 exclusively, that you can read by clicking here.

HMD is planning to launch 6-7 Nokia Android Phones in year 2017. We have already seen Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 going official. But as revealed by HMD earlier, we will see a full product portfolio touching all major price points.

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