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Android 7.0 Nougat vs Windows 10 Mobile Redstone: UI Navigation, Multitasking, Notifications Center & more


This is second in the series of comparisons pitting Android N, the upcoming Android OS update from Google against Windows 10 Mobile Redstone aka Anniversary update, the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile update from Microsoft. Both Android N and Windows 10 Mobile Redstone are in the preview phase and nearing release status, Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update though will be released in July while Android N release is planned for sometime in Q3, 2016.

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In this video comparison, we can have a look at how the UI navigation, Multitasking, Notification Center and Settings page of two competing OSes compare to each other.

  • Both OSes have three on-screen touch buttons to navigate and also notification center that gets revealed by swiping down from the top.
  • Quick Action buttons arrangement and add / removal in case of Android can be done directly from the Notification Center while Windows 10 Mobile allows it after going to Settings
  • Back button on Windows 10 Mobile is not only used for navigating back just like on Android but also is used to close apps and bring on the Multitasking view. Android has a dedicated “app overview button” for multitasking view. Back button on Android is used only for navigating back from anywhere.
  • Both OSes have Card-based Multitasking UI, but Windows 10 Mobile has the traditional Cards juxtaposed to each other approach while Android N has the “pack of cards” like multitasking UI. On both you can close App Card by tapping on “x” on top or by swiping down in case of Windows 10 and swiping right in case of Android N.
  • Android N supports Multi-Windows / Split-Screen Multitasking missing from Windows 10 Mobile Redstone. You can watch this feature in action by clicking here.
  • Android N brings grouping of notifications under the app group a feature already available on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 Mobile’s Dark theme makes Notification area look slightly better on Windows 10 Mobile while Android N notification area always has that White background. Google has actually removed Dark Them from the Developer Preview 3.
  • If you compare the Settings page you may like either the Windows 10 Mobile approach of keeping Sub-setting on next page or all Settings and Sub-settings appearing on the same page as in case of Android N.

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