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Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows Phone updated with numerous fixes


Age of empires: castle seigeAge of Empires: Castle Siege game has received a new update for Windows phone Devices. The new version is the update brings variety of fixes and minor changes to improve the experience.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege Changelog:

Alliance Messaging

• Alliance members can send custom text messages that will appear in the Alliance Messages window.
• The Alliance Messages window will now show when players are promoted, demoted, kicked, or joined.

Expanded Age 8 Content

• Silo, lumberyard, mill, farm, and Hall of Heroes have an additional upgrade level at Age 8
• Infantry, Spearman, and Rams now how an additional upgrade level at Age 8
• All heroes have an additional upgrade level after upgrading the Hall of Heroes to Level 4
• Caltrops, archer towers, and guard houses have an additional upgrade level at Age 8


• Measures have been implemented to make players attackable even if they are online if the system detects that they’ve spent a significant amount of time logged in.


• Fixes for crashes when visiting castles, viewing replays, and at the end of battles
• Fixes for crashes when using certain heroes or abilities


• Towers will now attack units even if only part of the squad is in range of the tower (the “flame tower” bug).
• Cavalry will get in at least one hit when they catch up to a unit they are chasing.
• Joan of Arc will now convert all members of a squad instead of just the units in range.
• Traps can now be placed under decorations.
• Belisarius no longer fires arrows when using Undermine.


• A warning will occur on phone if pressing the back button would exit the game.
• Fix for notification settings sometimes not being saved.
• Fix for siege towers sometimes not showing a death animation.
• Fix for building getting stuck if UI buttons are pressed while a building is being moved.
• Fix for troops on walls appearing in front of instead of behind adjacent towers.
• Fix for some unit colors not changing when units die or get converted.
• Fixes for missing ambient audio sounds.
• Miscellaneous graphical and UI polish.

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