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A Google Camera vs Nokia Camera comparison on Nokia 7 Plus highlights the difference algorithms can make. HMD please take note


So, here we are with our Google Camera vs Nokia Camera comparison that we have done using our Nokia 7 Plus. This comparison was long due and while we have heard many of our readers claiming that with Google Camera app Nokia smartphones’ camera hardware truly shines we wanted to do it with the latest Google camera app.

And we can really vouch for the claim of our readers after comparing images captured with both camera apps in various lighting conditions. What is really bit saddening and still a good news is how even in the daylight Google Camera captures much more resolved details than the Nokia Camera. It is sad to see the Nokia Camera with such bad imaging and processing algorithms and good to re-confirm that the camera hardware is so good.

Check the 100% comparison with Google Camera crop on the top followed by Nokia Camera crop. Full-size samples follow the crops.

Google Camera full-size sample:

Nokia Camera full-size sample:

In terms of low-light capture without flash (almost dark) difference is again so significant that one doesn’t even need to go to the crop comparison. Here are full-size samples.

Google Camera w/o flash sample:

Nokia Camera w/o flash sample:

Here is how both compare in terms of with flash capture

Google Camera with flash sample:

Nokia Camera with flash sample:

Final Words:

HMD needs to really work on improving the imaging and processing algorithms used in the Nokia Camera. With same hardware Google Camera app just outshines it in whichever lighting conditions you use it. It captures much more resolved details and also more lighting and provides images which are much better in terms of quality. A capable hardware does need equally-smart software to shine and we have tons of examples from Lumia times too.


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