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A big day for Nokia at MWC and my views on the Nokia X family


Today was a big day for Nokia, not just with the announcement of five new devices, but a different view coming to a new Nokia line.  Before we can get into the really interesting stuff we have to cover the minor details as well.  The details to be listed below were the minor things said in the Nokia keynote today.

  • Nokia’s market-leading operator billing network powers in-app purchases, gives developers global reach.
  • Leading apps available for Nokia X devices include BBM, Facebook, LINE, Skype and Twitter.
  • Nokia Lumia momentum continues with addition of BBM, Adobe Photoshop Express and Facebook Messenger.
  • Nokia Imaging SDK 1.1, with powerful editing features, now available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 tablets and PCs.

Now for the big announcement was the new line of Nokia X phones.  It is said to be the first Nokia “Android” device, but when you look closely how much android is actually included in the device.  Yes, the games and settings are android based, but when you look at the OS running on this device it looks like a Lumia, an Asha, and a little bit of Android had a baby.  Your apps are still in a similar resizable tile layout, you have fast lane just one swipe away, you have a never ending page going up and down like you see on Lumias, and the small android thrown in there is game titles and settings page.  What do you think though? Will this hurt Windows Phone? Will Microsoft do away with this line as soon as the Nokia Microsoft transaction is complete?  I think the Nokia X line will serve as a gateway to more Windows Phone users, due to the similar layouts, bright colors, and solid hardware, not to mention that Nokia is welcoming Android developers, which in time will bring more games to Windows Phone. I would love to get my hands on a Nokia X.

For more information on what went down today at MWC click HERE.

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