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ZDNet’s Matt gives 5 reasons of dropping his #iPhone5 for #Lumia1020!!


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Lumia 1020 has got lots of appreciations from reviewers all across with super high praises for the camera. Now, GDNet’s Matt Miller has dropped his iPhone 5 for owning a Lumia 1020.

I am blessed to have a job where I get to play with the latest mobile gear before making informed purchase decisions, but I found that three lines were just too much and one line always sat idle. Last night I put my Verizon account on hold (with the intent to cancel later) and signed up for a new AT&T account with a yellow Lumia 1020 purchase.

Anyways, here are the five reasons he cites for his decision,

  1. The camera
  2. Nokia extras
  3. Music:
  4. Wireless and standard microUSB charging
  5. Metro user interface:

He also mentions Lumia 925 to be the best piece of Nokia hardware in Lumia range, but finds the 16 GB storage too less to live with.

I think the Nokia Lumia 925 is the best piece of Nokia hardware produced running Windows Phone, but the 16GB internal storage is tough to deal with on a phone that captures great photos.

Anyways, you want to read his reasons in details, click here.

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