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YouTube app TubeCast updated with Apple’s AirPlay support


TubecastTubeCast is a YouTube app for Windows Phone with Chromecast support. Read more about it here.It has now received an update which adds many new features inclduing “Apple AirPlay Full support”. There are many changes and bug fixes too.

– Apple AirPlay full support (passwords handled too)
– Chromecast bug fix (video seek) for the new firmware
– DLNA bug fix, have a try if cast didn’t work
– Preload MP3 from videos
– Windows Phone 7 video playing bug fix
– New gesture : hold to close the Picture in Picture
– Picture in picture bug position fix
– Bug fix for fullscreen video HD playing (no more drop frames)
– New channel page user interface (more handy)
– Keep playing while switching apps is now disabled by default (change in the settings)
– Youtube URL copy to clipboard : direct access in the application bar
– Newsfeed faster loading & less data downloaded
– Live Tile shows newsfeed subscription when you are logged
– 20 icons improved

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