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Windows 10 Redesign concept including Aero/Blurry theme.

Here are some conceptual designs of Aero theme or Blurry them for Windows 10 Mobile Redstone. And it’s one of the most demanded feature/UI change in Feedback hub. Today on Reddit a Guy posted a good concept of aero theme. This Theme or UI has a Blur/Translucent Notification center, Volume Pop-up, and Notification Pop-up. Currently Android and iOS has this kind of theme which looks great actually.

The Guy said on Reddit :

I made a lot of small changes as well. I won’t bore you guys with the whole list because it’s a long one. lol. Here’s the general stuff

• Applied a Gaussian blur to the underlying app (in this case the start screen) to serve as the background for the overlaying UI in this case the Action Center and the Volume Controls.

• Cleaned up alignment, margin widths, etc.

• I made a ton of little judgment calls to better cleanup the UI without breaking Microsoft’s design        language.


And Microsoft should provide this kind of theme that make the UI more attractive and bit User friendly for iOS and Android switch users. Though Personally Windows Phone 7/8/8.1 user won’t like it because they’ll will always want a Clear Black Display and Clean UI instead a Blur, Stylish UI but not clean. So, personally I wish, if Microsoft give that they should give it as Optional.

Source : Reddit

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  • Sardoc Spamfish

    I like this. I’d also like to have that in the desktop version, pretty please, of course with an option to turn it off. Aero glass-like blur was literally the most requested feature (still is? I dunno), might as well listen to feedback every once in a while.

  • Julio Canizales

    I like this blur/Aero effect and i’d like MS give us as optional to set it up. Whoever doesn’t like it, don’t set it up on his Phone. Of course, if this come true on Redstone update.

  • that_guy

    When you go to the Behance source it’s alot better. Good job.

  • Konrad Uroda-Darłak

    Blur is very ugly :s

  • jusil164

    Would it be good if cited the source of the article. Thanks.. Some people, like me, likes to go to the original source for the full details that others tend to omit some details from the source. 🙂

  • JLIT99

    WM10 has just come out and already it needs a redesign. Why don’t they just scrap the tiles and use the icon based UI on their Android launcher – or just scrap the OS entirely.

    • MajorRockStar

      W10M isn’t finished yet so anything is possible.

    • Joe

      Windows is one OS. While the ongoing joke is “soon”, but as tech advances, phones will be computers (or vise-versa). Only form factor will be the differentiator. Microsoft will move ahead, like they did with Xbox, even though the console wars were already won by Sony.

    • DH Dog

      Why? Because you said so?
      Why don’t Google and Apple scrap icon based UI and use tiles? They need a redesign, I don’t like it.

      • JLIT99

        You are in the minority. That’s the difference.