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Windows 10 Mobile Multi-Window (Snap mode) leak / concept for Redstone update.

We have seen many concepts and fan arts of Windows 10 Mobile Redstone update.  Now we got another concept cum leak (It was meant to be a leak but we are unsure) of multi-Window or Snap Mode feature, which may or may not arrive with Windows 10 mobile Redstone update in future. Though our sources yet not confirm about it.

Read what Redstone update is supposed to bring in its two waves by clicking here.

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Weigh your opinions about this concept in comments below.

Source : Facebook

Thanks to Robin for sending links.

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  • Alexis

    Is that with the home long button press, would the black free space in the top show other open tabs?

    • Akhil G Vithura

      this is just a concept 🙂

      • Alexis

        I know but sounds like a good idea 🙂

        • Akhil G Vithura

          yes 😀

  • Man, after a title we don’t put a period.

  • Arjun PC

    It is fake. The start experience can never be snapped in big windows

    • Akhil G Vithura

      may be , but covered that as concept 😀

      • Arjun PC


        • Akhil G Vithura

          you can consider as both 😉

  • Lingeshwaran R

    doesn’t look like fake to me

    • its very easy to emulate such images, even with 2/10 skill in photoshop

      • Akhil G Vithura