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What I would like to see next from Microsoft: Saving Start Screen Layouts


Microsoft’s latest update Windows Phone 8.1 was a nice step up from Windows Phone 8.  The addition of Cortana and the action center were key.  I do not think I could go back to regular Windows Phone 8, just because I have grown used to those two features.

With Windows Phone 8.1 you have the ability to add that 3rd column of live tiles to your Windows Phone 8 device, meaning more tiles and more organizing those tiles to fit your everyday needs.

I more than likely rearrange my tiles every 2 weeks depending on what I have going on, and what I will be focusing on that week.  I think Microsofts next update should let you save previous start screen layouts.  I will give you some examples of when it would be handy, during the NFL football season my start screen is filled with Football live tiles so I do not miss a beat, during the NHL hockey season my screen is filled with Hockey lives tiles, and when neither one of those seasons is happening I have my phone set up for work and school.

It would be very handy if I could just save a start screen layout through my Microsoft account and be able to change them accordingly, plus this would help when you get a new Lumia you could simply reload your start screen through your Microsoft account.

If enough people like this idea and we make enough noise about it maybe we might see this soon.

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