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VLC for Windows Phone updated to v1.3.0.1 with revamped UI. Official Changelog


VLC Beta VLC for Windows Phone has received an update and the updated version is v1.3.0.1. The latest update brings redesigned UI, new icons and many new features.

You can notice the new top bar that has icons for navigating through home, camera roll, music and file explorer. Good news is that the UI looks equally nice and functional while in landscape mode too. On the bottom you have three icons for upload, streaming and settings. The music player is also redesigned and now offers sharing, random play, marking favorites as options.

Official Changelog:

– Updated User Interface
– Optimisations of XAML code, which is between 50% and 130% faster (parsing and layout rendering).
– LastFM scrobbling working on Windows
– Browse music and videos from folders. For example if your songs are not correctly tagged, you can browse in VLC and « play a folder » just like you would play an album.
– XAML Responsive Design enhancements : we’re trying to use your screen as best as possible. On tiny screens we removed the « now playing » title which is useless, and on a big screen we give more options with extra buttons, etc.
– Use of Windows 10 APIs via Reflection for setting a custom, orange window background color.
– New icons, margins and alignments are more polished (even if it’s still work in progress)
– Refresh button in the Video Library, just like the Music library
– Search videos or albums easily.
– Updated design for Video Player (still very work in progress though)
– Adding Semantic Zoom in the Albums view, with custom selection of ordering (by artist, by date, by album).
– We added a back button so devices like Lumia 730 or future tiny tablets will be able to go back easily.
– Using the same colors as VLC for Android/iOS.
Along with lots of bug fixes, etc.

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Thanks Brayan for the tip. Cheers!!

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